Building Construction Projects

Our past construction projects include building of residential houses, office-building, factories, and warehouses.
We can help also in structural design, both concretes and / or steel structure for a variety of low rise buildings e.g. office, residential, house, warehouse, factory building.

Interior and Furniture Projects

We make interior and furniture of many offices, show-rooms, apartments, and houses.
Our interior works include making wall and partition, ceiling, door and windows, floor, carpet, and many decorative items.

Factory Design

Our past experience can be valuable for our customer and fellow partners (architect and other consultants) in factory designing, includes production room / working space and machine layout, floor drainage & sewage system, determining floor / wall / ceiling materials, lighting, etc.

“Over the last eight years I have been in contact with dozens of contractors who are partners of my company, and in my opinion CKU is among the good ones. It does not mean that all their work would be perfect all the time, but rather that they are always willing to settle various shortcomings that occur, listen to the opinions of others and not to be selfish. It makes me easier to supervise their work.”
Mr. SS - Building Maintenance Manager from a leading national private bank

In our workshop, we produce  a wide range of furniture such as bookcase, filing-cabinet, wardrobe, desk, credenza, locker, partition, door and window, kitchen-cabinet, etc.

For customers satisfaction , we ensure the use of good raw materials , skilled labor as well as adequate equipment and working environment .

“I think what is different from CKU is the fact that it's personnels are willing to help us as customer to seek the best solution. They are always ready to provide feedback on us about various things and also options.”
Mr. EI – Head of a Property Developer company in Warung Buncit – Jakarta.